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About Me

Here is my story, how I got here and what I’m up to.

In September 2012, after a lot of searching around Dublin, myself and my partner Chris bought a house with some land in the Dublin mountains in the valley of Glenasmole and set aboutย making it into a smallholding.

Our goal is to be as self sufficient as we can, both from a food point of view and energy, and combining it with modern living. It’s a constant work in progress, with trials and errors, but I’ll be using my blog to track our progress and if anyone else is trying to do something similar, I hope this helps them by learning from our mistakes.

We are now growing and producing far more produce that we can use. So we decided to sell it to people who are interested in eating great natural food reared and grown organically on our farm.

I’m also a beekeeper producing lots of pure Irish raw honey with my bees around South County Dublin. Check out my raw honey page to find out more.

This produce includes several different types of raw honey, beef, pork, eggs, yogurt, milk and some fruit & veg. If you’re interested contact me.

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