International Honey Customer

Olly's Farm

How cool is this! I got this great picture yesterday from Stuart Trafford, a new international honey customer in London showing how far my honey is travelling around the world  🙂 

Here are two jars of my honey in front of Tower Bridge in London.

International Honey Customer

Where are they going to pop up next?

New Seed Propagator

New Seed Propagator

Every year I have the same problem with trying to germinate seed so this was the year I built a new seed propagator. It’s been long overdue! Usually I sow the seed and it germinates very poorly die to too much of a variation of temperature. Continue reading

Homemade butter making

Homemade butter

Last year while milking our cow I collected some cream off the top of some of the milk with the intention of making some homemade butter . I put it into containers and into the freezer, waiting until I had enough collected to match a batch. Unfortunately I forgot all about it in the bottom of the deep freezer.

A couple of weeks ago I took 4.5lts out and decided to give it a go. Continue reading

Heather honey pressing last November

Heather honey

This is a blog post on how I pressed the heather honey last November. The honey was collected by the bees up on the feather bed in the Dublin Mountains. Most of the frames that I gave to the bees to fill used a little starter strip which is basically a small strip of beeswax to help them to get started on the frame. I also used some frames will full sheets of foundation in between to help keep them building the comb nice and even between the frames. Continue reading

Christmas week and the bees in Dalkey are busy

2015-12-21 11.03.59

Its hard to believe its Christmas week and the shortest day of the year and it was 14 degrees today in Dalkey. The bees were pretty busy, not as busy as last week but still plenty of them out collecting nectar and pollen.

The Coronilla in Dalkey is in full flower since the end of November and should flower right through until the start of the summer. I’ve discovered that its a great plant for the bees, offering an abundance of pollen and nectar through-out the winter and spring. The pollen is a light yellow color and you can see the pollen baskets on the bees packed with it. Continue reading

Soft set raw honey

Soft set raw honey

I’ve made up a big batch of soft set raw honey using the new creaming machine. Its been going continually for the last 3 weeks. It spends 15 minutes mixing and then an hour off.

Soft set or creamed honey is a process that controls the natural crystallization of the honey. By mixing the honey periodically, the size of the honey crystals are far smaller than letting it crystallize naturally. This gives the honey a very light and smooth texture making it a perfectly spreadable consistency, nearly like butter at room temperature. Continue reading